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Questions regarding Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 and Internet Explorer 11 for the IT Pro Audience. Topics covered are: Installation, Deployment, Configuration, Security, Group Policy, Management questions. If you are a consumer looking for answers or to raise a question, it's highly recommended you head on over to

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    ※현대의료시설이 갖춰진 정식 산부인과 병원

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    Trying to be short but giving as much detail as possible.

    So we have to update to Windows 10.0.17134 as a corporation. When installing it on a few machines they all quickly experienced the same issue. IE 11 is not persisting cookies on the local intranet anymore. So nothing like saving what language a user is using, other user preferences. It does this in test, production and development environments. It is completely repeatable simply upgrade to Windows 10.0.17134, after the reboot, cookies are no longer persisted.

    Ok, so simple cookie. Written from site.

    Response.Cookies["AutoLogin"].Value = "true";
    Response.Cookies["AutoLogin"].Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays(365);

    This site has been upgraded several time though out history originally a .net 1.1 site. But the above code has worked now for 18 years. Newer cookies I create the full cookie object and write it down in one response. Either way, this works in all windows versions prior to the one in the title and still works on all those.

    Now when I go to the site after upgrading the cookie is not there. No matter, if it is not there it will create the cookies again. I can see the cookies in the trace.axd file on the server and fiddler on the client after they have been created. They stay as long as the user has the browser open. The minute I close the browser and then reopen it. All cookies are gone. The are not in fiddler, they do not show up in the trace.axd on the server Cookies are completely blank.

    Now this is an intranet site. So the settings should be affected by the intranet zone. So I have messed with a ton of browser settings to see what I can do. If I do turn on protected mode in the local intranet zone. Cookies are persisted and saved just like before. However, I have other 3rd party internal sites that need to have this disabled so I can not leave it enabled. All prior versions of windows, IE etc protected mode is disabled. So something is off here. Something changed. 

    Now to muddy the waters a little more I am not sure why Microsoft does this. So Before the windows Update IE was version 11.611.16299.0 After the windows update, IE is back to 11.112.17134.0 so it seems upgrading windows actually downgraded IE.

    However, the Updated version is newer. When digging into what the difference is between version and updated version I did find that Updated version is security fixes only, where Version is functionality. No where can I find how to update the actual function version of IE to get back to the 11.611 of the prior version of windows. Windows Updates says I am up to date.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. I am not sure if it is the Version of IE that is the issue, if it is Cookie issue, like I said works in prior versions of windows, also works in Chrome and Netscape fine

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    I have just come across a very odd problem...

    We are talking Windows 10 and we are talking IE11...

    Many of my customers still use IE11 under Windows 10. On Friday my customer said that she could no longer use IE11..

    I checked her PC and sure enough it wouldn't work.. On further inspection I noticed that the iexplorer.exe file had physically disappeared from the users machine... I could see the directory C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\ and I could see the other files and directories under there but iexplorer.exe was gone...!!

    I tried going in to Add / Remove Features but it would not allow me to install it.... I tried everything to get it back but I just could not put it back, I even copied the file from another Windows 10 PC but it still would not run...

    After hours of trying to get it to work I just gave up and did a re-install of the O/S leaving all the files and programs where they were.. This didn't work first time, but second time I ran it we were back to where we were... All very odd..., the machine has no viruses or malware but the iexplorer.exe file just disappeared..

    I thought this was a one off, but I have just seen it on another Windows 10 machine.. It was there two hours ago, but the file iexplorer.exe has just gone!.. Again, I tried to put it back via Add / Remove Features and there was no option whatsoever in there to add IE11 as a feature?.

    This time I did a System Restore to get it back...

    Is the Microsoft removing the software..?

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    I have a question which is foxing the best in our organization and any assistance with cracking it will be greatly appreciated. Please note I am not a system engineer on any of these platforms, but at the business facing end so by no means an expert.

    We have two Intranet applications. Lets Call them IR and PG to protect their identity. Both are within the internal firewall as are all the users. Both are served up via IE11. IR is a Unix based app and PG a Windows/IIS based app. And both allow the user to download reports in Excel format and ordinarily display the yellow popup Open/Save/Cancel when the report has been downloaded.

    We have users for both these in Locations B and L. For what ever reason, users in Location B cannot access EXTERNAL websites, except where those sites are on a whitelist.. Users in L can, by and large access any website unless its blacklisted, and blacklisting applies to everyone.

    Users in Location B are NOT able to download the reports for Application PG. Nothing appears in the Download folder, no error is generated or logged etc. On the very same machine, a user in Location L can download Excel files as expected If we take the user out of the AD group which restricts them to the whitelisted sites, they can also download Excel files.

    BUT we have confirmed using the IE debug functionality that no external URL's are being called, a fact confirmed by the vendor of application PG.

    The very same users are ALSO users of application IR and they can download Excel reports from IR when they are in the whitelist restriction AD group.

    We have checked the proxy logs and there is no evidence of anything hitting the proxy and being rejected.

    We have tried with both Chrome and iE11. Same result,

    Any leads or ideas would be very much appreciated.

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    I just installed IE9 (public release), and I'm seeing a pop-up at the bottom of the browser window that states:

    "The 'Virtual Storage Mount Notification' add-on from 'EldoS Corporation' is ready for use."


    Does anyone know what this is exactly?

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    Windows Media Player 12 in IE8+ is leaving DAT files into the random folders like %AppData%\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5\CL4PNA4P\20110412161249[1].dat when playing WMV content.

    This same content when played back by Windows Media Player 11 in IE6 or IE7 leaves back the original WMV files.

    How can I configure WMP12 in IE8+ to do the same thing i.e. leaving WMV files instead of DAT files in the temporary IE folder on the client machine?

    FYI, I am playing WMV files in IE8 from a website on a Windows 7 SP1 machine using WMP12 which leaves DAT files. The same content when browsed using the Windows XP SP3 and WMP11 from IE7 leaves WMV files in the temporary IE cache.

    Please help...


    Amit Chugh

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    can i remove sites in compatibility view list in IE with gpo or CMD?

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  • 10/08/18--09:35: IE 11
  • BGINFO shows IE 9, Websites show IE 10, HELP ABOUT shows IE 11! From where can I obtain a clean IE 11 installation please (Toshiba Windows 10 Pro)

    Sean Grossell

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    Hi Guys,

    I've been struggling to know how the IE or windows system behaves while SSL used for webservice call. As far as I know its simple to install pfx or p12 file into personal truststore and then install the Root singer certificates in Trusted root authorities. Now the problem Im facing is that I have 3 personal (key(pfx)) files installed in the Personal store and while accessing the webserivce url with mutual authentication, IE11 use to prompt which certificate should you use and I had selected respective certificates. While troubleshooting the issue I have removed 2 of 3 and tested with no success. Now I imported the other 2 that I removed and surprisinggly its not prompting to choose certificates as it did earlier. So is there any option that tells IE to use any default pfx or should we remove all of them and export again in the order that we want ??


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    Audio is not getting loaded in IE 11.

    In IE11 the problem is, though the loadstart event is getting started, but is never getting finished.

    So if you see my code, the durationchange event is never loaded.

    Notes :

    • Using virtual box to test my application.
    • Getting a 206 partial content status code.(Same as other browsers).
    • Using mpga file format. Tried with mp3, but the same result.
    • Works in other browsers.
    • Request Range: bytes=0-.(Same as other browsers).
    • Response Range: bytes= 0-3295557(content length is 3.3MB). (Same as other browsers).
    • Received 3.14MB. (Same as other browsers).
    • Getting media source not supported error, for both mp3 and mpga.

    Code Sample :

    // New audio file
    const audioFile = new Audio(audioSrc);

    // Set handlers if audio exists
    if (audioSrc !== '') {
    audioFile.addEventListener('durationchange', this.setDisplayLock);
    audioFile.addEventListener('play', this.setIsPlaying);
    audioFile.addEventListener('pause', this.setIsPaused);
    audioFile.addEventListener('timeupdate', this.setCurrentTime);
    audioFile.addEventListener('ended', this.setIsEnded);

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  • 10/09/18--10:37: IE 11 Memory Limit
  • I've ran into an issue where Internet Explorer 11 appears to have a memory limit. I'm loading multiple video viewers in my page, but when the memory hits about 1.4 or 1.5GB, no new video feeds will load. It also appears that other functionality in my page also stops working.

    Is there a limit on how much memory Internet Explorer uses, and if so, is there a way to increase this? The memory usage on the machine itself is fine. It's sitting around 30%. I'm trying to view this from a Windows Server 2016 machine.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    function writeLine(lines, lineIdx){
       var layer = new LayerObject("writer");
       var line  = lines[lineIdx];

    This function works under IE8,

    This function does not work under IE9

    Please forward question to the IE Browser Software Developers
    at Microsoft.

    I spent many hours writing my E-Text application, and started
    building a client base of end users which has now dwindled to
    no customers at all.

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