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Questions regarding Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 and Internet Explorer 11 for the IT Pro Audience. Topics covered are: Installation, Deployment, Configuration, Security, Group Policy, Management questions. If you are a consumer looking for answers or to raise a question, it's highly recommended you head on over to

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    Hi All,

    We are facing Internet problem with few of our clients when ever we try to click new tab on the IF it says error,

    Tried many troubleshooting

    1)  Unistalled IE and re -installed

    2) Reset all IE settings & made it into default settings

    3) Cleared cache & temp folders

    Below some error with developer tool

    IE Version

    We have proxy pac configured on the browser, but we have this problem for some clients

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    Trying to install java on my citrix VDI running windows 7 enterprise(64 bit). When attempting to install Java 8 update 181, I get an error message that provides the file path for the installation followed by is corrupt. I have tried about all the options found on the internet which included running as an admin, downloading the offline version, running the Microsoft utility tool to check for registry errors (nothing listed had java so not too sure of how the tool works).

    Now I know Java will install as I attempted to run the 32 bit version that installed without issue. I am trying to install an application though that requires 64 bit java and will not continue the installation until the 64 bit version is detected.

    I don't really know what else to do or try as I am pretty much stumped at this point.

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    Today after long month and used Internet Explorer for buying one product for creating videos through images. When i landed in this page;  I took me more than 1 minute to load all the contents of this page. 

    But when i used this same url and searched in Opera it loaded quickly. What's the reason behind it? Even my friends always avoid Internet explorer. This is personal question why are not taking proper measures to make Internet Explorer? 

    Google and Opera, Firefox are launched after you. But everyone using them and being the Parent of all browsers. why no one using yours? 

    Don't you want to upgrade your browser? Or don't have money to hire developers? 

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    I am trying to open this website in Internet Explorer, but it can't open. I am getting error your connection is not secure. The connection to was interrupted while the page was loading.

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    Hey, I work for company named 4 Way technologies which provides mobile application development to its clients. The main website of 4 way technology is not working properly on some of window phone devices. Some of our clients are saying that they are unable to fill the contact form on their window phones. how can i resolve this issue, can anyone suggest?


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    Hi there,

    I have installed a Silverlight application in Internet Explorer 11 on a remote desktop server with 64GB RAM and 12 VCPU's. The application gets very slow as soon as several people are using it. The cause of this seems to be the CPU usage: a single instance of IE11 already uses more than 25% of the available CPU.

    Is this a known problem? Is there any solution for this? All suggestions are welcome!

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    I have just come across a very odd problem...

    We are talking Windows 10 and we are talking IE11...

    Many of my customers still use IE11 under Windows 10. On Friday my customer said that she could no longer use IE11..

    I checked her PC and sure enough it wouldn't work.. On further inspection I noticed that the iexplorer.exe file had physically disappeared from the users machine... I could see the directory C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\ and I could see the other files and directories under there but iexplorer.exe was gone...!!

    I tried going in to Add / Remove Features but it would not allow me to install it.... I tried everything to get it back but I just could not put it back, I even copied the file from another Windows 10 PC but it still would not run...

    After hours of trying to get it to work I just gave up and did a re-install of the O/S leaving all the files and programs where they were.. This didn't work first time, but second time I ran it we were back to where we were... All very odd..., the machine has no viruses or malware but the iexplorer.exe file just disappeared..

    I thought this was a one off, but I have just seen it on another Windows 10 machine.. It was there two hours ago, but the file iexplorer.exe has just gone!.. Again, I tried to put it back via Add / Remove Features and there was no option whatsoever in there to add IE11 as a feature?.

    This time I did a System Restore to get it back...

    Is the Microsoft removing the software..?

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    We got the problem that when the Add-Ons Lync Browser Helper and Lync Click to Call is active the start page of Office 365 loads very slowly and the CPU goes up to constant 30%, also the page is the very slow over the hole time you use it. If you jump to a other site outlook/SharePoint/Yammer etc. then every thing works fine and fast. If we deactivate this Add-Ons the access to this page is fast. Not all of the user are affected even on the same machine.

    Workarounds are, disable the Add-Ons or use the inPrivate Mode or use the compatibility mode. 

    Any idea why the Problem occours for some users?

    Regards Raphael

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  • 09/14/18--04:59: iexplore Windows Security
  • Hi all

    We are getting this security pop-up on client machines.

    There was a group to add "" in trusted site (which is no longer required).

    I have removed the policy but this pop-up is still coming up every time IE is launched.

    How can I get rid of this pop-up.

    Many Thanks


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    Hi All,

    Power-BI Report server url is not working in IE, we tried using edge and different version of IE nothing works it just spins.

    It works fine on chrome, randomly some time we can connect power-bi URL using IE out of 100 hits one works.

    Also We are using form-based authentication.

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    I have been to numerous sites which profess to have available a download of internet explorer which is compatible to Windows 8.1.  Once at the site I find either a driver update or anything but a version of Internet Explorer that works with Window8.1.  Windows explorer was removed for this system and I am just interested in reinstalling it.

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  • 09/18/18--04:14: Need IEAK10 to download
  • I need IEAK10 oldversion for x64 and x86  to download file because our branch use . Have you  link to download please send to me. Thank you for help.

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    HELLO IE TEAM... My laptop with Windows 7 has an IE folder in the file under programs. It does not have a .exe file that I can install IE with. SO I tried to uninstall and delete this folder... but my laptop will not do so and gives a message saying I do not have permission. When I try to download and then install the IE 11 for Windows 7, an error message comes up and says- can not install because a later version of IE is already installed. But there is no where the IE is showing on my latop, not in the programs and no exe file to install it with in the IE folder... HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS PROBLEM PLEASE?

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    The issue is that if I go to a site that authenticates with SSO I am able to get in without needing to re-enter credentials.  But if I get a link in Outlook and I have signed into SSO but have closed IE, then IE doesn't authenticate me with my already entered credentials and asks me to do it again.  If IE is open and the link will work.

    If I sign into SSO with Chrome, Firefox or Edge and close the browser then click the link it will open successfully in those browsers without requesting a new sign in.  On IE11 this fails.  It worked on build 1709.

    Does anyone know what changed?  Is this something that we can work around?  We still have two products that require IE11 and they are about 1-2 years away from having a non-IE compatible version so I need to extend IE's life a little more.

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    I am experiencing a issue with the IE11 browser specifically when trying to select from the address book/people picker within SharePoint 2013 and it is not bringing up the people pick box to select a user from. When I click on the address book it does nothing at all. The people picker is not working in IE, but working on my Chrome browser just fine so that made me believe it could possibly be a browser issue. I am trying to find a fix as majority of the users at my company use IE v11, so I was researching what could possibly be causing this for this browser only and being it is a sporadic occurrence. 

    I have tried setting the site within the 'Compatibility View Settings', and also modified the custom level security zone and cleared my cache. And nothing is seem to be helping me resolve this issue.

    Any help would be appreciated in advance!




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    Good Afternoon,

    I'm having a hard time trying to find an answer for this.  If I enable a plug in Internet Explorer in the registry I can use 2 values in the Flags.

    0x00000000 = Enabled

    0x00000001 = Disabled

    what does this value mean in the flags value?

    0x00000400 (1024)


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    I am using below html spinet in my code to show fevicon but not able to display the fevicon in IE and edge browser


    <link rel="icon" href="http://priyanshugoyal/xyz/favicon.ico">

     <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon"  href="http://priyanshugoyal/xyz/favicon.ico">


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  • 09/20/18--07:28: internet Explorer
  • I keep getting an erro message in my header bar when I go to type anything in.

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    Is there Registry key to uncheck Display intranet sites in Compatibility View from Internet Explorer ?


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    I recently upgraded 2 of my workstations to Windows 10 to test before upgrading the rest of my workstation. Both workstations were running windows 7 pro. after upgrading the OS I am having issues accessing sites through IE11 and Edge, however I can get to the site via Chrome or Firefox without any issues. When I try to navigate to the sites not working in IE/Edge I get the TLS error message below. I have checked my TLS settings and have verified that all TLS options are enable. Why would I be able to get to these sites via other browsers but not via IE/Edge, and how to I resolve the issue?


    Can’t connect securely to this page

    This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website’s owner.

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